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"Thank you for coming to Phoenix to evaluate the collection I Had put together over a lifetime. As a past president of the American Philatelic Society, I had known many dealers, but decided to call just yourself. You were very friendly and professional and dealing with you was an excellent experience. I would recommend you to all APS members."
F. Burton Sellers
Past President
American Philatelic Society
"I would like to personally thank you for the purchase of my lifelong stamp collection put together since 1950.

Due to my profession, my collection had seen many homes (44 in the U.S. and foreign countries) over the years since I was married. Selling my collection to you has been an absolute pleasure and extremely convenient and easily done. You flew to my home in Colorado within days of my contacting you and your thorough inspection of my collection was impressive.

The price you paid for the collection was very reasonable and the entire evaluation was completed in less than 24 hours.

Considering that my collection was 60 albums - all pre-1940 material with specialization - your thoroughness and comprehensive evaluation was greatly appreciated.

I always knew I would contact you when it was time to sell and I must say how very glad that I chose you to work with. I suggest that stamp collectors go to you when they sell their valuable collection. When they contact you, they will be treated properly."
Dick Richardson
Colorado Springs, Colorado / Retired Rear Admiral, U.S. Navy
My father Lawrence S. Eagleburger [former Secretary of State] and I spent many years formulating our stamp collections and I am fully aware that had had purchased considerable material form your company.

Recently, I decided to sell the collection and decided to contact you. I felt if my dad felt comfortable in buying material from you he would be comfortable in selling the collection to you.

My decision turned out to be a good one. I flew to Chicago to present the collection to you at your office and your knowledge and pleasant personality made the transaction a pleasure.

I hope the stamp collection will bring as much pleasure to its future owners as stamp collecting brought to my father and myself.
Andrew Eagleberger
Charlotsburg, Virgina
When the time came for me to consider selling the large (10,000+ items) collection of United States and foreign stamps and covers I had inherited many years ago I had a number of concerns. As a practicing physician I did not possess the expertise to properly evaluate the collection nor did I have an unlimited amount of free time to devote to the task. After researching the market intensively one name kept coming up as the preeminent professional philatelist in the country. Now, I have to say that since we share the same last name but are related in no way I found this coincidence curious. I'm certainly glad that I didn't let that stop me from calling you!

From our first conversation you listened carefully and when you spent an entire day at my home in Pittsburgh your professionalism and expertise were greatly appreciated. Your offer for purchase exceeded my expectations and the transaction was carried out quickly and without any drama whatsoever.

I could not be more pleased with my interaction with you and your company and would be happy to server as a reference should you so desire.
Laurence E. Friedman, M.D., FACP
Clinical Assitant Professor of Medicine, University of Pittsburgh School of Medicine
August 3rd, 2007
"Dear Bob:

That you purchased my stamp collection and accumulation, I must say left me with some mixed emotions.

As you could plainly see this had been the labor of love, and the end result of countless thousands and thousands of hours to put it together. Even though I called you to sell it, I guess i subconsciously hoped you wouldn't buy it because if you didn't then I would still have it.

But you hit the hammer on the head when you said to me that I wanted to be the one to sell it, and not my wife, who knows nothing about stamps. Even though I am still in relatively good health, I recently had my 82nd birthday and at that ripe age, on has to face the reality that I am not going to live forever. If and when my day comes, my wife would not know what to do first and there are enough guys out there just waiting for a poor widow lady to offer stamps for sale.

Even though I did have the "mixed emotions", in retrospect I am glad it was sold and frankly I'm glad it was you that bought it.

You were totally professional in your appraisal. There was no bargaining or dickering. I told you what I thought it should being and you agreed and wrote out a check for $75,000.00.

I must say, it was a pleasure to do business with you.

Most cordially,"
Lawrence Gray
Delray, Florida
May 23rd, 2006
"My dear and newest friend, Dr. Bob:

When I retired as a surgeon and physician, I concentrated my retirement to writing "topical stories on stamps" and produced some three hundred volumes on such varied topicals.

At age 85 when I decided to sell my stamp collection to help raise funds for my last medical-religious mission in the Philippines, it was you that I knew I should call.

When you learned of my problem in California, you lost no time in come to my rescue. After your visit, I wrote another short story - how two doctors-philatelists after their first meeting in Los Angeles became partners in a humanitarian mission.

After your visit and purchase of my prized collections, I realized I had dealt with a true friend, fair and honest, and so generous in paying for the collections to start my fund raising.

For yourexemplary generosity, which I very much appreciate, I am dedicating one of the topical books in your honor.

God bless you always with health, happiness, and success in your stamp business.

Your friend,"
Dr. Andres A. Lauengco, M.D.
Bell, California
July 12th, 2008
"Dr. Friedman:

I want to write to you to express my gratitude to you for your buying my Dad's lifelong stamp collection.

Your generosity was greatly appreciated and I was completely stumped when after the purchase you gave me a substantial financial gift that will fund the remainder of my nurse degree.

I will think of you often as I practice my professional occupation."
Walter Ponichtera
Sebring, Florida
July 10th, 2006
"This is to inform you that I have been a stamp collector for over 40 years. During that time, I have written a book stamps published by the Society of Israel Philatelists.

When selling my collection, I contacted Dr. Bob Friedman of Chicago. He reviewed my collection and offered me a fair price. After the purchase, he personally packed over 200 albums so that I wouldn't have to do it myself. I would recommend him to anyone who has a collection to sell, not only because he is fair, but because he showed concern for me as a person. He's a wonderful guy to do business with.

Jay Kavlove
Tenafly, New Jersey
August 11th, 2008
"Today I sold to Dr. Bob Friedman my life long collection of tens of thousands of mostly mint worldwide stamps. Included in the collection were most Western European countries and their colonies. Of particular interest were the specialized Germany, French Colonies, George VI and US stamps.

Dr. Bob was very professional in going through the collection, negotiated in good faith, and offered me a fair price for the material. As most collectors will relate to, it is an emotional experience to part with a collection that was lovingly put together for almost 50 years. Dr. Bob made the experience pleasant and I would highly recommend him to anyone considering selling their stamp collection.

Robert O. Heckman
Woodland Hills, California
June 26th, 2007
"Dear Dr. Friedman,

It was a pleasure dealing with you and your firm in regards to my brother Oliver's stamp collection.

I enjoyed our discussions and much appreciated your flexibility in changing your busy schedule to accommodate my changing needs. I especially appreciated that you kept all of your commitments to me on April 19th by driving to Dubuque, despite your cold and the foul air in Oliver's home.

We never did open the other two bids while you were present. I checked later to assure myself that I had been fair and honest in accepting your bid. Your offer was definitely the highest offer of the three bids.

Hopefully, Don and Tony from Dubuque Rescue Mission served you well in the transfer of Oliver's collection to the rental truck. Sorry I was not able to help.

Should I learn of anyone with a stamp collection for sale, your name will top my list of recommended dealers for integrity and fairness.

My regards to you, Martha, and your sons,

John Neigel
Morrison, Illinois
September 6th, 2008
"Dear Dr. Bob,

I came to sell my stamp collection to your on the recommendation of a good friend.

I was most impressed with the welcome I received and the professionalism and honesty demonstrated in your assessment of the rather disorganized collection.

Most of all, I was astonished by the fact that you offered me just about what I had mentally assessed my collection to be worth. I truly appreciate your honesty and professionalism.

Father Pat Tierney
Albertville, Alabama
July 19th, 2008
"Dear Dr. Friedman,

We are so grateful to you for taking the time and making the effort to come all the way down to Corpus Christi to evaluate Bob's stamp collection.

We know you are at the top of your field and your expertise was invaluable to us.

We thank you so very much for your fair assessment of the collection and generous offer you made.

Our best wishes to you,"
Bob and Carol Gamble
Corpus Christi, Texas
October 10th, 2009
"Dear Dr. Friedman,

It was a pleasure to meet you yesterday as you spent time reviewing and appraising my life-long stamp collection. I appreciated your knowledge of the stamp world and I thank you for your patience in taking the time to look over the less valuable segment of my collection. I was impressed by your candor and honesty and the comfortable well-lit, safe surroundings you have for reviewing such items of value.

Thank you too, for the very fair evaluation and price that you paid me for my complete collection. I wish you well with it and was moreover, very happy to make your acquaintance.

All the best to you and your family,"
Laurence Davis
Professor, Northwestern University
September 10th, 2007
"Dear Bob:

I very much appreciate the time you took and the distance you traveled to see the stamp collection that I was offering for sale. It was a pleasure to have you as a guest at my home.

I am certainly delighted in your offer to buy the stamp collection and your appraisal of its value that exceeded my expectations. Having had bad experience with one of the largest national stamp dealers in the country that I fell was not dealing with my equitably, it has been very refreshing to deal with someone as knowledgeable and fair minded as yourself. I fell that a business relationship that i beneficial to both parties can impart a sense of trust and respect that can pave the way for future business. As such, I would be more than happy to recommend you to my fellow stamp collectors.

Once again, thank you for your time and the fair completion of this transaction. From the beginning, it has been my pleasure in sharing our mutual affinity for stamp collecting.

George Zelwinder
Venice, Florida
May 17th, 2007
"Dear Bob,

This letter is to thank you for the fair and agreeable manner in which you handled the purchase of my stamp collection of almost a lifetime. I particularly appreciate the process you employed and the friendly way in which you took time to evaluate the collection, make me what I consider to be a very fair offer, and then roll up your sleeves and pack the collection into 36 boxes which were picked up the next day by UPS.

You have a very thorough knowledge of the stamps of the world, and you examined every album before making the offer. You were ready to spend more time with a more detailed appraisal in order to refine the offer if justified, but I knew enough about the stamp market to know that the amount you were willing to pay was in the ballpark, so that a more detailed inspection was unlikely to gain my a much higher return.

I was also happy with your understanding of my desire to retain a small part of the collection, so that in my declining years I would not be a bereft of philately!

I hope the collection arrived in good order. Again, many thanks.

Yours sincerely,"
Robert F. Skillings
Brunswick, Maine
July 11th, 2009

I wanted to write you a little personal note regarding my stamp collection which I have truly loved through most of my 93 years.

As you know, I have purchased most of this fine collection form you over the last 20 years and I have always found you and Martha to be just great to work with.

When I finally accepted it was time to sell my collection because of failing eye sight, I knew you were the right dealer to call.

Not suprisingly, your offer was right about what I thought the collection was worth and expected you were pleasant and professional. The experience was excellent!

I'm glad my sons were available to help you pack the collection - well over 100 albums. I very much hope that you and your customers will enjoy the collection as much as I have.

Thank you for everything,"
Fred Padley
Irvine, California
February 10th, 2005
"Many thanks for your help in purchasing my lifelong collection.

I really had worried about the difficulties in selling the collection but your professionalism and your very generous offer was greatly appreciated.

Next time you are in Texas lets get together for dinner."
Chuck Witney
Rockport, Texas
April 3rd, 2010
"I would recommend Dr. Bob with any transaction involving philatelic material. He deals in a very upfront manner and truly pays a fair price. I was reluctant to sell my stamp collection but he made the whole process so enjoyable and his offer even exceeded what I thought I would receive. If you're looking to sell your stamp collection I would simply go to Dr. Bob because he will make you a fair and generous offer.

Thanks Dr. Bob!!

Brad Peterson
Waterloo, Idaho
December 3rd, 2009
"As you know I have collected stamps since before World War II and take pride in my collection.

You were excellent to work with and I find you very professional. I was also pleased with the offer you paid me for my stamp collection."
Gasper Buffa
Charlotte, Florida
September 4th, 2008
As a fifty year Life Member of APS I realized it was time to give up my lifelong hobby, so I went to our Annual Stamp Show in Hartford last month and did some in-depth research. In talking to a number of well qualified experts, I repeatedly heard the name of Doctor Bob Friedman as being a person who I could have complete confidence in making such an important lifetime decision.

Upon returning home, I called Dr. Bob and was immediately impressed by his response and willingness to come visit us. In person, Bob turned out to be everything I had heard and read about him. A down to Earth expert who willingly devoted time to my concerns, he made what I had anticipated as difficult decision into a simple and pleasant transaction.

I recommend to anyone considering selling their collections, or ones they might have inherited, that they call Dr. Bob. You won't be sorry!"
Stanley H. Smith
Shelburne, Vermont
June 12th, 2006
"Dear Dr. Friedman:

I wanted to write to you and let you know how enjoyable and easy it was to sell my dealer's stock to you.

As you know, I have been a stamp dealer for many years and had several national stamp dealers who advertise that they pay the highest prices come to evaluate my large stock.

Not only was your offer higher than the others, but I also found the experience with you far more pleasant and comfortable.

Best wishes,"
Milt Coher
Boynton Beach, Florida
July 9th, 2007
"Dr. Bob traveled to my house and gave me a check for the collection left by my late husband. About 2 weeks later, I received another check in the mail from Bob, who said that upon further inspection, this accumulation was worth more! How's that for honesty!!! I recommend him highly."
Susan Lessar
Maitland, Florida
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